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About Chaykin Consulting

Chaykin Consulting LLC offers consulting services for the natural food channel, specializing in product development and navigational strategies for Whole Foods Market and Natural retail channels. Services include business planning, growth, sales strategy, and financial health; product ideation and development, flavor profiles and product quality, packaging; positioning products for greatest success; insights into and navigating retailers bringing natural products to the marketplace. Janet has a very unique understanding of what the Team Members on the floor need; what customers expect; and the workload, work stresses, and financial responsibilities that Coordinators/Buyers are under in the retail, restaurant, and food service environments.

Janet Chaykin is the owner of Chaykin Consulting LLC, a food consulting firm. Janet created Chaykin Consulting LLC to share her passion for partnering with manufacturers and retailers to create and develop products and food experiences that bring satisfaction and a joy to the consumer.

Janet Chaykin spent 16 years with Whole Foods Market. In her 11 years as a Regional Bakery Coordinator she developed hundreds of products to help Whole Foods Market expand the offerings and programs included in the Bakery Department. Janet was responsible for creating and actualizing vision, future development, product development, operation execution, store design, Team Member training and development, purchasing, pricing and promotions, as well as P/L responsibility. Janet was also responsible for overseeing 4 Whole Foods Market full production Bakery Manufacturing Facilities.

A classically trained Chef with over 30 years in the food industry Janet created over 1000 recipes while in her role on the Whole Foods Market Regional Prepared Foods Team. In both roles at Whole Foods Market Janet was involved in design and execution for 29 new store openings in 4 Regions, as well as design and execution of countless remodels.

Janet has an uncanny ability to identify through her palate all of the components of a product to exceed the consumers’ expectations. Janet is an expert in product development, an industry leader, innovator, and an invaluable resource for those in the Natural Food Industry.

Janet resides in Austin, Texas.